Toe socks? Yes please!


Socks can be an important part of your running kit, just as shoes or clothes may be. So I wasn’t surprised when recently I noticed my running socks where well worn out and many of them had holes.

As I was looking on the net for some new sock ideas I found Jonathan’s idea of wearing a pair of Injinji toe sock under a normal sock.

I liked it so I ventured in buying my first pair of toe socks.


injinji_mini-black injinji-liner-01



When I received my Injinji liner socks, I paired it with one of my old running socks so to have 2 layer, and went out for a run.

This combination didn’t work for me as my feet were getting more hot than usual and also felt tighter.

But I did like the feeling of having a glove on my foot instead of mittens. The toe sock allows your foot to splay better as you run and your toes tend to move more freely in your shoe.

Although I didn’t like the Injinji liner sock for running I decided not to give up and order a pair of Injinji Trail Midweight Mini Crew from Facewest




Here’s a description of the Injinji Trail:

The Injinji Trail MW is a midweight trail sock providing padding to the key areas of the foot, ideal as a trekking sock where the trail may be rougher and you will require greater comfort. The top of the Trail has a venting Mesh weave that is tight enough to prevent dirt from getting into the sock. The double cuff holds the sock firmly in place preventing it from slipping down into your shoe when on the move.

The Injinji seamless toe design aligns your toes properly within your shoe and prevents skin on skin friction preventing hotspots and blisters between your toes. The heel has been shaped for a custom fit preventing any slippage and bunching. A great all round outdoor sock for warmer weather.

Injinji Trail MW Features

  • Anatomical 5 toe design
  • Padded heal and metatarsal
  • Mesh top lock providing ventilation
  • Double cuff holds sock in place
  • Superior arch support
  • Coolmax Xtra Life fibre reinforced heal
  • 47% Coolmax, 48% Nylon, 5% Lycra


I went out running with the Injinji Trail socks and it was a near perfect experience.

The sock perfectly adapts to my foot and the fit is snug but not tight. The sock never slips and my feet are always dry at the end of the run. Even when running in wet conditions my feed don’t get that wrinkly soggy look.

I loved these socks so much that I immediately ordered a second pair.


Now I needed something to compare them to so I ordered some ToeSox Mediumweight Ankle Toe Socks (Navy – 3 Pack) from SportPursuit (you can follow this link to create a free account and browse their online deals)






Fast description of the Toesox:

Cushioned sole from heel to toe provides the ultimate protection against hot spots and hard surfaces. The ultimate in moisture wicking, anti-blister protection. Perfect for hiking, trail and long distance running.


  • Vented knit top regulates foot temperature
  • Ankle height fits at ankle bone
  • Vector heel for optimal fit
  • Arch band to support
  • Perf Dry™ moisture management system is a performance drying technology
  • Unisex sizing
  • 45% Perf Dry™; 45% nylon; 10% spandex. Machine wash warm. Dry low heat. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean


These 2 socks are comparable in weight and in features, price-wise the Toesox were a little cheaper

injinji-toesox-01 injinji-toesox-02 injinji-toesox-03

sockInjinji TrailToesox Medium weight
material47% Coolmax, 48% Nylon, 5% Lycra 45% Perf Dry, 45% Nylon, 10% spandex
Sole of the FootThe heel and sole of the foot has some extra padding making runs more comfortable.The Toesox are very well padded on the entire sole of the foot.
Top of the footA looser knitting on the top of the foot provides extra venting.The looser knitting on the top provides more venting compared to the Injinji.
ToesThe Injinji feel really nice around the toes. Completely seamless and well fitting.The toes are a little tighter compare to Injinji and a little more squared.
AnkleThe sock nicely holds on to the ankles avoiding any slipping or stuff getting in your socks.The part around the ankle is half the size of the Injinji but this doesn’t diminish its performance.
PerformanceBoth socks were excellent in keeping my feet dry in hot conditions and drying quickly leaving my feet not too soggy in wet conditions.I have experienced no blisters or hotspots with either sock.


I have now washed both socks with all my running gear in the washing machine at 40 and then in the dryer, and both socks are keeping well their original shape, elasticity and comfort.

Although I am a little concerned about how warm they will be in the winter (mittens generally keep your fingers warmer than gloves), I am completely converted to toe socks for all my runs as they provide a noticeable different feeling to the feet and an added freedom to my toes.


In the end I can warmly recommend both the Injinji Trail and the Toesox Medium Weight, although I personally prefer the fit and feel of the Injinji.


Other socks I have that I think are worth mentioning are the Injinji Run Lightweight Mini-Crew




and the SmartWool Toe Sock Micro Ultra light which is extremely comfortable and soft, but a bit on the liner side.



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