Running hat with clear visor


Here’s a quick review of a running hat I’ve really learned to like:

Decathlon’s translucent rain cap

Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 7


All decathlon writes about this hat is “protecting and insulating RUNNERS in wet weather! protect yourself from rain getting in your eyes”

I bought this hat thinking I was going to return it to the store with some other stuff I ordered, but I ended up being so intrigued by its clear visor that I decided to try it out.

This is obviously a rain hat (the clear visor is completely useless in the sun, and probably would reflect the light in some bothering way…) and is made of water repellent fabric (I can fill it up with water and use it as a cup). It also has on the inside a well made mesh liner.

Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 1 Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 2 Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 4

The back can be tightened with a velcro strap, again very well made and resistant, and includes a rubber ending which allows adjusting the had with gloves.


Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 3


As you probably imagine the cool thing about this hat is the visor… but why a clear visor?

If you live in the UK the answer is simple and immediate: to protect from the wind and rain!

When running on trails you often find yourself in those windy/rainy situations where the drops hit your face and your eyes as if someone was throwing sand at you. In these cases you can just adjust the visor lower or to the side to protect your eyes!


Furthermore, in some situations I like using a hat with a visor because it restricts my field of vision: it gives you that “horse blinders” effect (or should I say “mule”) which can be helpful on those steep climbs that seem to never end. Every now and then you look up and this ruins your pace… with this hat your head stays in its “mule” position while you just lift your gaze through the visor…

If you’re running through the woods it can be essential to notice overhead branches or what the trail does ahead…

Here are a couple photos to give an idea of how it feels

Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 6 Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat 5

The hat has a simple Kalenji (Decathlon’s running brand) writing and a reflective logo on the back. It only weighs 49g. Unfortunately it’s only available in blue… but I’ve promised myself not to buy any more running gear in black anyway!


Thus, first sceptical, I really learned to like this hat and I’m regularly using it on my rainy/windy runs.


There are a few  drawbacks:

  • the hat is more or less waterproof. This means that if you tend to sweat much the hat might end being more wet inside than outside. Maybe a few ventilation holes could solve this
  • the hat is not very good with a headlight on top as the visor will reflect/diffract some of the light from the torch…


This hat is currently on sale at Decathlon for £4.79 – look for it in your local store or add it to your next order 😉


Decathlon-Kalenji clear visor hat



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